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Sayem Chaklader on Game Jolt

Gearspec on Instructable

Contact Me at :
gearspec at gmail.com
chaklader.sayem at gmail.com

Call (BD) : +880 1711 027 026

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USB Malware cleaner

Most Popular Windows Defragger

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Welcome to Libre Garage. my little home.

Hi, my name is Sayem Chaklader and this is my Home Page of sort..
My everyday Life, I Love Game Development, OpenSource Software Work, Karate, Gardening & Oldschool Dubstep.

I follow the GNU & Unix Philosophy and like this quote about programming from a famous programmer:

" Programming should be fun. Programs should be beautiful "
– Paul Graham (Programmer, Co-Founder of Yahoo! Store & YCombinator)

Developments :

Website : www.TryHardParking.gdn - Take a look for the Presskit() and more info.

Tutorials : Essays/Articles : Free 3D Models :
Resources :

Sayem Gearspec - View my recent photos on Flickriver

What we should believe in :

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