The Big List of Game Development Tutorials

This year I set out to create one of the biggest undertaking I have ever taken to list some significant amount of Game Development related YouTube tutorials by Engine, Genre, focus on Expertise, that has helped me out. I hope this helps others out as well.


I will try to keep this updated. A fair warning before we begin. Everything in the list will take some time to learn. Some tutorials are over 1 hour long. But if its worth learning something its worth learning it well and not quick. So lets begin.

Racing/Car Game Tutorial

[UNITY] Complete Series

  1. 3D Racing Game Complete Series - by Jimmy Vegas
  2. 2D Racing Game (Top Down) Complete Series - by Charger Games
  3. Generic Car Game with Menu and Everything - by 5K
  4. A pretty effective Car Game from Scratch - by HummelWalker


  1. Realistic Car Controller (Tutorial) (Plugin)
  2. How to Render an Realistic Car in Unity (no Voice but pretty effective)
  3. Car A.I. Tutorial - by EYEmaginary
  4. Easy Roads 3D (FREE) (Plugin) Tutorial
  5. Entering & Exiting Vehicles
  6. Offroad Racing Game in 10 Minutes (Quick and Dirty, for those who don't have time)
  7. Unity3D mist and Fog
  8. One more Volumetric Fog Tutorial
  9. Unity 3D Dynamic Sky Cloud
  10. Realistic Rain tutorial
  11. Volumetric Lights Tutorial
  12. NextGen Lighting Using Lighting Box Unity (note : all this can also be achieved with some free assets as well)

[Unreal Engine 4] 

The Car/Vehicle Setup

  1. Rigging and importing by Math B , Part 2
  2. Unreal Engine 4 How to Import Vehicle Simple and Easy Tutorial
  3. Unreal Engine 4 N Wheeled Vehicle Tutorial
  4. [UE4 , Free ] RoadTool
  5. How to get Double Wishbone Suspension from Blender to Unreal Part 1 [Recommended]

Environment Creation:

  1. Using Splines & Spline Components | Live Training | Unreal Engine
  2. UE4 FREE Trees Pack1
  3. Treeit Guide for Unreal engine 4 (get TREEit free) (think of it as free Speed Tree or Xfrog)
  4. Unreal Engine 4 - Advanced Grass Blueprint Tutorial - Part 1

Additional Blender 3D:

  1. A Detailed Road Making in BLENDER 3D (with sidewalk and everything) ( 1 hour)
  2. Low Poly Blender 3D Car Tutorial (1 hour)
  3. Blender Making a Racing Track
  4. Blender to Unity3D (Barrel) tutorial , works for cars too.
  5. Creating a Realistic City in Blender3D (1 hour) - by CG Geek
  6. How to create a City in Blender. (1 Hour)

(will keep updating) in the meantime if you find something interesting , mail me)

Last updated : 28th Jan 2018


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