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Making a Car BlackBox using a Raspberry Pi and 2 Arduinos

This Raspberr Pi & Arduino Project was done as Research Work, Imagine Cup Competition Project for Independent University Bangladesh
Published Paper Link: iEEE Page .Full Presentation : Here
The research has been targeted towards emergency rescue services in the event of a road accident. The project focuses on building an infrastructure which vehicle safety authorities can implement to enhance the reporting of vehicle crashes, provide post-crash analysis using motion sensors, record of the event in image sequences and reduce the time it takes for emergency rescue services to arrive at the crash location.

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Bridging Digital Divide with Raspberry Pi Village Wireless LAN

This Raspberr Pi Project was done as Research Work for
Independent University Bangladesh
Published Paper Link: iEEE Page
Full Presentation : Here

The research has the project to build a solar powered, low cost, fully fledged computer server from off-the-shelf components which will act as a network infrastructure for data collection, sharing and network distribution in rural areas of Bangladesh, even where electricity consistency is an issue.

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Create an OpenMP Parallel Programming, Raspberry Pi Cluster for C++.

In this step by step tutorial we shall learn how to setup a couple of Raspberry Pi’s to create a small cluster.It will discuss the hardware details, the process, basic OpenMP and Parallel how to connect them and write a basic C++ program to make them work together. We assume you already have the C++ knowledge necessary to take it further. Hope it helps. Link: (with download PDF) :

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