Simple 3D Fence from C4D to UE4 (Game Asset)

From Concept to 3D (Machinarium Josef)

Concept from the cover art.

Medieval Bucket, Textured in SP [Free Download]

Medieval Bucket [Download] by gearspec on Sketchfab  

Battle Cruiser Spaceship 3D [Free Download]

Download [Cinema4d, FBX] Space Battle Ship C4D FBX by gearspec on Sketchfab

Data City [C4D Scene] Free Download

Data City [C4D Scene] . Created: 13th July 2016 . I have merged two renders in to one picture. Inspired by “Urban Monads” from the Novel “The World Inside”, Robert Silverberg.

Fence 3D Model,C4D, Substance Painter, Unity Ready

Fence 3D Model with Texture made in Substance Painter [C4D Scene].Created: 15th April 2017