Thermos 3D (Game Asset)

Thermos Flask (Wornout) by gearspec on Sketchfab Credit goes to Mike Hermes for making the tutorial :

From Concept to 3D (Machinarium Josef)

Concept from the cover art.

Medieval Bucket, Textured in SP [Free Download]

Medieval Bucket [Download] by gearspec on Sketchfab  

Blocky, Minecraft Style SpaceShip [Free Download]

Download [Cinema4d, FBX] Blocky Space Ship by gearspec on Sketchfab

Battle Cruiser Spaceship 3D [Free Download]

Download [Cinema4d, FBX] Space Battle Ship C4D FBX by gearspec on Sketchfab

Isometric Half Life Garage Scene C4D

So I have been practicing C4D for a while now and decided to do some isometric stuff. Since I got hooked on it from my last game.¬†Environment Design for my second game, may be an alternate story to… Read More

Love Making Games [C4D Scene]

Love Making Games [C4D Scene] . Created: 22nd Aug 2016 . Something I cooked up in the midst of making Offroad Scientist.

Fence 3D Model,C4D, Substance Painter, Unity Ready

Fence 3D Model with Texture made in Substance Painter [C4D Scene].Created: 15th April 2017

3D Ship Design for SHMUP

Ships I was designing for an SHMUP game.