Isometric Minimalist Hacker Room in C4D

Just some Isometric Cinema 4D practicing. The room should reflect that of a minimalist computer security enthusiast. Get a better look at :

Isometric Half Life Garage Scene C4D

So I have been practicing C4D for a while now and decided to do some isometric stuff. Since I got hooked on it from my last game. Environment Design for my second game, may be an alternate story to Half Life. Scene represents a Refueling Depot for the Protagonist. The Dune Buggy from Half Life with just the chassis is found by the protagonist and slowly modified in to a hotRod.

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Offroad Scientist PC . Play the Demo. Offroad,Guns & Tech (tribute to Screamer4x4 from 2001)

This is a little tech demo I made to check out Unity. Check it out on GameJolt :


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CS:GO Map am_bandarban2

So I thought of practicing some gamedev skills by making a map for CS:GO.

Map Created by : Gearspecs (
Download from :
or Game Banana :
Official Discussion forum :

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Making a Car BlackBox using a Raspberry Pi and 2 Arduinos

This Raspberr Pi & Arduino Project was done as Research Work, Imagine Cup Competition Project for Independent University Bangladesh
Published Paper Link: iEEE Page .Full Presentation : Here
The research has been targeted towards emergency rescue services in the event of a road accident. The project focuses on building an infrastructure which vehicle safety authorities can implement to enhance the reporting of vehicle crashes, provide post-crash analysis using motion sensors, record of the event in image sequences and reduce the time it takes for emergency rescue services to arrive at the crash location.

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Bridging Digital Divide with Raspberry Pi Village Wireless LAN

This Raspberr Pi Project was done as Research Work for
Independent University Bangladesh
Published Paper Link: iEEE Page
Full Presentation : Here

The research has the project to build a solar powered, low cost, fully fledged computer server from off-the-shelf components which will act as a network infrastructure for data collection, sharing and network distribution in rural areas of Bangladesh, even where electricity consistency is an issue.

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Create an OpenMP Parallel Programming, Raspberry Pi Cluster for C++.

In this step by step tutorial we shall learn how to setup a couple of Raspberry Pi’s to create a small cluster.It will discuss the hardware details, the process, basic OpenMP and Parallel how to connect them and write a basic C++ program to make them work together. We assume you already have the C++ knowledge necessary to take it further. Hope it helps. Link: (with download PDF) :

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Arduino Potentiometer Steering/Gaming Wheel for Unity3D

In this tutorial we are going to add a Potentiometer Based Steering wheel to control a Vehicle in Unity3D. This was prepared for a workshop tutorial for a Maker Camp at Independent University, Bangladesh. For details check out Center For Cognitive Skill Enhancement (CCSE) at IUB. Remember you can download the entire Unity3D project : GOOGLE DRIVE

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What I learned from Unreal Engine vehicle asset development

This was an early game in development but now currently absentminded due to lack of people.
Growing up, we enjoyed games like NFS II SE , NFS4HS, NFS Most Wanted , Driver 1, Screamer 4×4 and thought why not we give it a go.

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Nokia n900 Review – A Classic Review

About a few months back I have obtained a device that seem to function just like any of my other device I own in that category. Except for the fact that it was truly a piece of innovation. It was a Nokia N900. It opened my mind to tinkering and also killed Nokia. (This was my intro to mobile Linux September 30, 2011)

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The Struggling New Game Developer, The real perils of Game Development

Hello guys Lone Wolf Game Developer here. Its been a while a while since I have written something. Explaining this gonna take some time. Grab some coffee. Nerd

So you want to make games? Now I can just tell you “do that, read that, do this” and you would be on your way, but there is a problem. I have been there and done that too many times to realize it doesn’t work. It took me 2 years to realize the approach was a waste of time for me. Lets start off with “what happened ? “.

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Love Making Games [C4D Scene]

Love Making Games [C4D Scene] . Created: 22nd Aug 2016 .
Something I cooked up in the midst of making Offroad Scientist.

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Data City [C4D Scene] Free Download

Data City [C4D Scene] . Created: 13th July 2016 .
I have merged two renders in to one picture. Inspired by “Urban Monads” from the Novel “The World Inside”, Robert Silverberg.

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Fence 3D Model,C4D, Substance Painter, Unity Ready

Fence 3D Model with Texture made in Substance Painter [C4D Scene].Created: 15th April 2017

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A wallpaper @

As a programmer I thought I make a wallpaper for the as it expresses the need for a programmer to become better.

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