Opensource Project RINZLER USB Cleaner

Built using QT and C++. This is a small software to clean USB drives. Removes malicious scripts created by virus or malware, unhides folder and files, deletes all shortcut from selected drive. Also disables autorun completely and provides option to enable registry, folder options and task manager. See the complete feature list.

Project Home Page :

It has been featured on QT Showroom :

History : ” A day at the CSC LAB @ IUB”

  • I was in charge of CSC LAB at IUB (, and took game development workshops. One fine morning I found out that each and every computer (140 of them) became infected with a virus regardless of having a good commercial antivirus installed on each station. It was new and definition was not available yet. Moreover the news became horror when I realized who ever had contact with these machines took those viruses home and it spread to everyone like wild fire.
  • Learned a couple of cmd things to take care of it manually. But one had to be able to use cmd to do it. Therefore in request of friends, the tool was built that would take the effort away. The system still needs cleaning with a good antivirus and with this tool the information can be re-attained. The software is named after a character from TRON.


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