Deadspace Style Container (free FBX)

Download Container FBX file : hd test2 (no texture)

Tin and Wood(HL2 Style)(Game Ready)(free FBX Download)

Modelled and Textured inside Maya. Used Marmoset Toolbag for the preview. Download From :

Sci fi Barrel, Free Download (.Dae)

Sci-Fi Barrel Colorful by gearspec on Sketchfab

Medieval Bucket, Textured in SP [Free Download]

Medieval Bucket [Download] by gearspec on Sketchfab  

Metal Nut , inner screw [Free Download]

Download FBX Metal Nut , inner screw [Free Download] by gearspec on Sketchfab

Free HL2 Barrel [Free Download] Low Poly

Download C4D. FBX Flammable Barrel (Low Poly) by gearspec on Sketchfab

Rainy days are filled with wonders [Wallpaper]

Autumn Green [Wallpaper]

Closer to the Evening [Wallpaper]

Specs of Nature [Wallpaper]

Trapped in Focus BW [Wallpaper]

Blocky, Minecraft Style SpaceShip [Free Download]

Download [Cinema4d, FBX] Blocky Space Ship by gearspec on Sketchfab

Battle Cruiser Spaceship 3D [Free Download]

Download [Cinema4d, FBX] Space Battle Ship C4D FBX by gearspec on Sketchfab

Some HardSurface Scifi Wallpaper and C4D animation

Just Practicing. Check it out :

Love Making Games [C4D Scene]

Love Making Games [C4D Scene] . Created: 22nd Aug 2016 . Something I cooked up in the midst of making Offroad Scientist.