Offroad Scientist PC . Play the Demo. Offroad,Guns & Tech (tribute to Screamer4x4 from 2001)

This is a little tech demo I made to check out Unity. Check it out on GameJolt : V3.2

CS:GO Map am_bandarban2

So I thought of practicing some gamedev skills by making a map for CS:GO. Map Created by : Gearspecs ( Download from : or Game Banana : Official Discussion forum :

What I learned from Unreal Engine vehicle asset development

This was an early game in development but now currently absentminded due to lack of people. Growing up, we enjoyed games like NFS II SE , NFS4HS, NFS Most Wanted , Driver 1, Screamer 4×4 and thought why… Read More

Nokia n900 Review – A Classic Review

About a few months back I have obtained a device that seem to function just like any of my other device I own in that category. Except for the fact that it was truly a piece of innovation…. Read More

The Struggling New Game Developer, The real perils of Game Development

Hello guys Lone Wolf Game Developer here. Its been a while a while since I have written something. Explaining this gonna take some time. Grab some coffee. So you want to make games? Now I can just tell… Read More

3D Ship Design for SHMUP

Ships I was designing for an SHMUP game.