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Welcome to Libre Garage. my little home.

Hi, my name is Sayem Chaklader and welcome to my home page. Here I blog about my everyday Life, Game Development, Photography, Graphics, OpenSource Software Work, Gardening & Synthwave.

I follow the GNU & Unix Philosophy and like this quote about programming from a famous programmer:

” Programming should be fun. Programs should be beautiful “
– Paul Graham (Programmer, Co-Founder of Yahoo! Store & YCombinator)

These are some of my past experiences.

  • Released Game on STEAM (PC, MAC and LINUX).
  • Experience of shipping games using Unity3D and Box2D Engine.
  • Experience of Valve Source SDK and CS:GO Map Making and HL2 Mod making.
  • Fluent in Cinema4D and Blender have used skills for Product Visualization, Event Design and Architectural Visualization.
  • Fluent in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop and single handedly designed Commercial Magazines, PVC Prints of all kind, for games its pixel / vector art.
  • Know how to work closely with Printing Press.
  • Delivered WordPress and Joomla CMS based websites to clients for the last 15 years.
  • Experience in developing Unity3D, HTML5 games for the Android.
  • Experience in developing Unreal Engine Based Quick Prototypes.
  • Experience in developing Windows Phone 8.1 application for the Microsoft Store.
  • Have extensive experience in Linux Administration and usage for any kind of server setup or troubleshooting.
  • But above all I really enjoy taking Game Development related workshops and managing game development projects.
  • Experience in Contributing to Opensource Projects.
  • Experience in Product and Landscape Photography.

Software & Hardware Knowledge :

  • Cinema 4D, Maya,  Blender, Marmoset Toolbag, Substance Painter & Designer, 3D Coat, Zbrush, Houdini, Fusion 360 and Mudbox.
  • C++ QT, C# (Mono or Microsoft Visual Studio)
  • Unity3D, Unreal Engine, Construct 2 and 3, Valve Source Engine ( HL2 mod,mapping)
  • Raspberry Pi, Arduino, RTLSDR
  • Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop or InkScape, GIMP.

My Games on Steam

Corolla Render
My Car in 3D. Its Black in Real life.

My motto is to help as many people I can to find their path and they in turn helped me become a better person and discovered what I really want. That is – making games. Right now I am a very happy introverted nerd. Its been no short of an adventure. Work for me is fun. Thank you for your the time.

Where did the nick name “gearspec” come from ?

Used it from the days of the Internet when using your real name was not normal.

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In 2008, Bangladesh was under the Caretaker Government . During this time, I worked directly under the Joint Commissioner of National Board of Revenue (NBR), Hossein Ahmed to recover data from ERP Servers confiscated from Industries so that they can calculate unpaid Vat/Tax from the data and fine these industries.

At this time I met Avik Anwar Bhai (owner of CAR HOUSE LIMITED http://www.carhousebd.net), which was the first online car showroom in Bangladesh and got my big break in web development by building the site . He also did a Magazine called R3VOLUTION Automotive Magazine. The first 2 issues were designed by me so that it can take off . It sponsored by BMW, i-Drive, Mobil-1, Haida Tired. It was fun to work on this project. I am proficient in print media Design of all kinds and sizes.

By this time I started Programming a little bit on C++. I was webmaster for the ULTRADEFRAG Project (under Dmitri Arkhangelski). I made that ultradefrag site. Dmitri is a great character & and an avid advanced programmer who introduced me to the art of OpenSource.

I went onto making my own QT C++ based malware cleaner and system recovery tool called RINZLER, its opensource. QT has featured it.

I have two research papers thanks to Raspberry, Arduinos and friends at Roboticsbd.com . As note of thanks I created the Facebook Page for ROBOTICS BD INNVOATION LABS at https://www.facebook.com/groups/roboticsbd/ which now has over 1500 students and researchers as members. I bought my first Raspberry Pi from them which I used finish my Parallel Programming Course and made a Pi-Cluster.
Initiated the first ever 2D game development workshop as the Microsoft Student Partner Lead of IUB in Bangladesh at the Microsoft Corporate Office Bangladesh by showing some of our CryEngine work (because Unity was at v3.0 and Unreal Engine was 8 Million dollars to buy ! which is now OpenSource).

Then the first game Development workshop at Independent University Bangladesh. These are all the workshops and my beloved students. They taught me more than I could show them. Wonderful bunch of programmers. Selected from the best in the country.
I also made the Project Game Developers of Bangladesh on Facebook just for this community.

Microsoft ImagineCamp Speaker

Participated in Microsoft Imagine Cup which ended us as the 3rd in World Citizenship Category .
In 2015 we won 1st place in the First ever NASA Space Apps Challenge 201 5 in Bangladesh.

Thanks to one of my Gurus , Ehsan Bhai who got me started on game development after I was done with CSC203 (Data Structures & Algorithm), I got the opportunity to talk about Game Development Scenario in Bangladesh in People’s Radio 91.6 FM at the Techmoshow.
You can listen to the Podcasts :

– Season 1, Episode 9

Air Date : 6th November, 2015


– Season 1, Episode 13

Air Date : 4th December, 2015


It was loads of fun.

I have a little bit of Webdevelopment Portfolio.

From July 2016 I started making games : Latest Offering is on STEAM

What we should believe in :

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