Abandoned Space Pod on Fluedic Space (Step by Step Process)(Mudbox)(Substance Painter)(3D Coat)

Hello, there this is a Guide of some sort for creating a game ready asset for an space adventure game. So lets get started. I am assuming you already have experience in using Mudbox a little bit. This is not a beginner guide.
First of all we create the base Mesh of our rock for Sculpting. This just needs the basic shape of the rock which would later be sculpted in Mudbox.

Then import the base mesh in to mudbox and subdivide. Use the flatten and Scrape tool to smooth the edges.

Bring it to a point where it looks satisfactory and all major details are in place.

Now we use 3D Coat to add in more fine details and scratches.

Look at the bottom and image. There are tiny holes and sculpting mistakes that has carried over from mudbox. You have to fix this before the retopo phase. This is a Major downfall of Mudbox and this is where Zbrush earns points. Mudbox is really basic compared even to 3D Coat sculpting tools. But this is just my opinion, don’t take it for granted. Its never the car, its usually the driver at fault.

Now we Retopo This in 3D coat to get a mesh for baking.

Inside 3D Coat we make this strange looking alien space tree things as well.
Then finally we use substance painter to give the space rock the look and the deep scratches and earthy color.

After fiddling around for a while we import the rock Marmoset Toolbag.

After some arrangement you can get this.
The spaceship is just a straightforward model similar to Aurora Space Pods. Only Larger.

Then apply some texture in SP.

And Finally in Marmoset we can have this:

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