Simple 3D Fence from C4D to UE4 (Game Asset)

High Octane

Done with C4D Octane and Mesh Boolean Plugin. A bit of tinkering in the end for a custom glow for the coils.


Making a Game Development Rig

Whether you are a veteran GameDev or a new one, your rig has a lot to do with what you create. After all, your rig is the medium where things are taking shape from imagination. Now PC building advice seem to grow on trees these days with every gamer/hardware seller/resident geek/Youtubers calling themselves rig experts. To confuse you more, we have all these products being shoved up on our faces every waking moment we can get online. Now I don’t hate all of that. It’s just too much to ask for, when looking for the right stuff when everyone is busy linking you with their affiliate link to Amazon or Best Buy. Read More

Gardening; lemongrass, chilli and pothos.

Decided to put some plants next to my work desk. I saw on youtube that you can order some lemongrass and use their stocks to make some more. I love lemongrass on Thai Soup  and Noodles.

Try Hard Parking Demo Free (Linux, Win, Mac)

Download :

Try Hard Parking Full PC Game (Steam) (Windows, Mac and Linux)

Deadspace Style Container (free FBX)

Download Container FBX file : hd test2 (no texture)

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Half Life Resistance Beanie 3D

Half Life Resistance Beanie by gearspec on Sketchfab

For Development Process click More

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Thermos 3D (Game Asset)

Thermos Flask (Wornout) by gearspec on Sketchfab

Credit goes to Mike Hermes for making the tutorial :

Abandoned Space Pod on Fluedic Space (Step by Step Process)(Mudbox)(Substance Painter)(3D Coat)

Hello, there this is a Guide of some sort for creating a game ready asset for an space adventure game. So lets get started. I am assuming you already have experience in using Mudbox a little bit. This is not a beginner guide.
First of all we create the base Mesh of our rock for Sculpting. This just needs the basic shape of the rock which would later be sculpted in Mudbox.

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Tin and Wood(HL2 Style)(Game Ready)(free FBX Download)

Modelled and Textured inside Maya. Used Marmoset Toolbag for the preview.

Download From : Read More

From Concept to 3D (Machinarium Josef)

Concept from the cover art.

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Sci fi Barrel, Free Download (.Dae)

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Medieval Bucket, Textured in SP [Free Download]

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