A List of Developments

Offroad ScientistOffroad Scientist : Alpha
"Rumble over rough terrain and liberate stolen data" - As described being featured on Game Jolt. Thats exactly what this game is. Thanks G.J. (A throwback to Screamer4x4), maxing out on the nerdyness! A Game Dev Project of IUB's CCSE Lab.

Playable Downloable Demo : http://gamejolt.com/games/offroad-scientist/168174

Offroad Scientist Pause Menu
#MadeWithUnity Unity3D. Status: Work In Progress . Available for : Windows MACLinux
Thanks to GameJolt for featuring the game and now has over 5000 downloads and 16000 views.

Windows Store Mobile:

Physics Pass KeyPhysics Passkey :
Nature is the Best Randomizer. This application generates a Random Password using data from accelerometer and gyroscope. Most password generators are usually pseudo random only. Which means there is an underlying algorithm that can be found. This application takes in natural world data such as tilt and acceleration to generate a seed and truly create a random key that provides a level of true unpredictability. Chaos theory and butterfly effect. Generated Passwords will be hard for bruteforce systems to break.

Download : https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/store/apps/physics-passkey/9nblgggzqh63

Google Play Store:

Physics Pass KeyTrippin Ballz :
It is a simple game where you are a supreme being able to drop balls and collect items at an incredible speed. It is an experimental game and hoping to make many more levels. It has only 1 level for now, as I make 1 level each week and update the game if I have the time.

Download from Google PlayStore

Physics Pass KeyIUBian Mapper :
If you are a Proud IUBian (iub.edu.bd) then let us know where you are so that we can see how far and wide IUB students have spread both locally and globally. This application will help us Map the entire IUB community. See everybody else on the map as well. View Map : http://libregarage.com/iubian/map.html

Download from Google PlayStore

Desktop Software (Windows x86/64)

This is a small software to clean USB drives. Removes malicious scripts created by virus or malware, unhides folder and files, deletes all shortcut from selected drive. Also disables autorun completely and provides option to enable registry, folder options and task manager.

Main Page : http://rinzler.sourceforge.net/ | QT Showroom

Commercial Website Development Portfolio (Still Running):

  1. Car House Limited
  2. Raihan Apparels Limited
  3. World Gold Limited
  4. Shams Group
  5. Supreme Pharmaceuticals Limited
  6. International Centre for Integrated Studies
  7. SA Online Limited
  8. Techno One Information Systems
  9. Tinge Store Online

OpenSource Web Development:

  1. UltraDefrag Project @SourceForge.net