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Corolla Render
My Car in 3D. Its Black in Real life.

My Technological Life (its a bit boring and long, so skip to my blog) :

Hi My Name is Sayem Chaklader and I am a Computer Scientist from Independent University. Currently I live in Dhaka, Bangladesh. I love to play games and make games. Also love to make Software and contribute to OpenSource movement in any way I can. I thought I write my story here since human memory has a tendency to fade.

Before I saw a computer, at the age of 3, I had the opportunity to play with an Atari 2600. This was courtesy of my elder brother (Habib Chaklader, now lives in the US) and his friend Manik (Moniruzzaman Bhuiyan, now Skill Development Manager at British American Tobacco Banglades). Atari 2600 was and is still "loads of fun".

I saw my first computer in 1996 when I was 9 years old. My elder brother's friend (Shishir) just got a Pentium Pro. So my brother took me for a visit and I played DX Ball (which was developed by Michael P.Welch) for many hours. The game was excellent with sound, amazing graphics and not to mention a very addictive gameplay. The Pentium Pro did all sorts of amazing things. A single box did so much was beyond my imagination. From that moment onward I've decided to stick to this "pandoras box of wonder", as a result today, I write code and make cool stuff for a living. There are always ups and downs but its a passion and I am and always will be "native to my domain".

dx ball 1

Moving on to 1997, I wanted a computer badly to play games and by that time many of my elder brother's friends have got themselves Pentium I MMXs. Computers were really expensive at that time and living in Bangladesh, very few people (actually people who went for Computer Science or Electrical Engineering) needed one. Manik Bhai (Bro), at that time was a student of Electrical Engineering at one of the most reputed Government Universities in Bangladesh, BUET. Manik Bhai, was a very talented fellow, he had shelves full of C, Java, C++, Electrical and Physics Books, some of which were University Texts but many were for his own curiosity. At that time he used to tutor me for some extra money and we had loads of fun discussing physics and computers. One day when I went to his house, he just got himself a 2MB Graphics Card. Now that gave him the ability to load and play Need For Speed 1 (Road & Track).

This was by all means an EPIC display of what a game can be. To this day, I wonder the amount of attention to details they had given to build such a game. The cars had good physics, the AI was tough, the tire made marks, you had steering view (which still many top notch games forgo). Everything about his game was so cool, I just got hooked in to the NFS Series. Still didn't have a computer.

Another elder brother (Tanvir), who was just 2 years older than me and was my neighbour had gotten themselves one of these.

This was an 520-in-1 System which was basically a clone of Atari and had loads of games that game built in. I spent hours with him playing many multiplayer games. Now this had Excite Bike! What could I do ? I was helpless.

My mother soon realized that if she had to keep me in the house, then she had to buy me one of these. So at the end of 1997 my mother had gone to Mirpur Stadium Market in Dhaka and took me to buy a SEGA GENESIS (which was known as Sega Mega Drive in Bangladesh). I think it was some BDT 2000 (Some US$50 at the time), which was cheaper than the Atari ones and had many games in 1 Cartridge. I played Contra, Mario and had this for many years until one day, I lend it to my Sister who lended it to her friend for a day who burned it by plugging it in to a bad power socket.


In the mid of 1998 my brother returned from the US for a visit and bought us a PC. He used it for a semester and left it for us to use. I didn't have any idea how to use it. It was an Intel Pentium II MMX 333mhz with BX440 Motherboard with 64MB of SD RAM, Intel i740 AGP Card with 8MB of GPU memory. It was running Windows 98. I remember Jet Audio and Winamp ! . Had my 1st Graphics Card upgrade to a MSI Geforce2 MX400 (MSI just entered the market). Soon I was troubleshooting it, playing VCOP2, House of the Dead, Road Rash, Cadillacs and Dinosaurs and upgraded the PC to 384 MB of SD RAM, 4x MSI Nvidia Geforce4 MX440 AGP (Ah ! Look at that Box Art). It had TV out ! . It was the next best thing to something called Gefore4 Ti 4200 which was monumentally expensive and Bangladesh had only 5 or 6 of it. I clearly remeber another friend of my brother (Antu Bhai) who had a Vodoo3 Fx had much better graphics (glide2x) in NFS Porche unleased, I had no idea of shader at the time. I used this configuration till 2002 which I clearly remember because I finshed NFS II SE, NFS4, NFS5, GTA2, GTA3 and GTA Vice City on

this machine. During this time another neighbour of mine was studying Computer Science at the University of Dhaka and used to live just below my floor (Shomen, lives somewhere in Detroit now), he taught me some basics C.
I still remember his Celeron (128K Cache) Machine which he kept upgrading to compete with Pentium IIIs@550Mhz. By this time, I was basically acting as a computer repair guy for family, friends & my parent's collegues. To this day, I fix all technological problems, from CCTV to Windhosss!!. Even worked at a Computer Repair shop PCAID at Multiplan Center. To this day, I think I have fixed slightly over 3000 Computers. Dialup Internet (pay per use) was the popular way of Internet and using US Robotics 56K Modem. Started static website development at www.SAONLINEBD.com, then moved to dynamic in about a year. I didn't have much in the way of sound system but Microlab 2.1 was epic enough, not to mention another goldmine = Creative Soundblaster Live 5.1 with EMU10K1 chip. 24bit sound !!! , my god it made any speaker sound gooooooood.

I moved to a Pentium 4 (not Hyper Threading) and DDR in 2004 may be, when my rig couldn't handle a game called ALIAS. I upgraded to 1 GB of DDR RAM and basically the same Graphics Card. By this time I was making small bucks and could afford some PC upgrade through selling the old ones and adding money for upgrades. It was good business and anyone who had to buy a computer (Clone) in my family had to come to me because I didn't charge the extra BDT 1500 for system assembly and could configure a much better PC. GTA SA just hit the market ! , it was epic.

In 2008, At this time Bangladesh was under the Caretaker Government (run by Military). During this time, I worked directly under the Joint Commissioner of National Board of Revenue (NBR), Hossein Ahmed to recover data from ERP Servers confiscated from Industries so that they can calculate unpaid Vat/Tax from the data and fine these industries. Too much was encrypted and password protected. It was one tough job.

At this time I met Avik Anwar Bhai (owner of CAR HOUSE LIMITED http://www.carhousebd.net), which was the first online car showroom in Bangladesh and got my big break in web development by building the site (yes, its 10 years old). He also did a Magazine called R3VOLUTION Automotive Magazine. The first 2 issues were designed by me so that it can take off the ground and it did. Which was sponsored by BMW, i-Drive, Mobil-1, Haida Tired. It was fun to work on this project.

By this time I started Programming a little bit on C++. Was webmaster for the ULTRADEFRAG Project (under Dmitri Arkhangelski). I made that ultradefrag site. Dmitri is a great character & and an avid advanced programmer who introduced me to the art of OpenSource. Took Edexcel O-Level Computing then Edexcel A-level Applied ICT and went on to the University for Computer Science. Bought a Canon 1000D DSLR [DA] with some webdevelopment money (my first DSLR), before that I was using an Yashica FX-3 Super 2000 [flickr] and Pentax K1000 and developed film scanned and uploaded them on deviantart.com .

Then moved to 5D Classic (aka 5D mark I, thanks to my elder brother) . Two of my Photograps were featured in an International Magaine and one became an album cover. I still have these two cameras and I keep them spot clean.

Met a faculty named Dr. Ali Shihab Sabbir who was a cryptographer in disguise with a background in Physics (but more of an algorithmist in my opinion) who taught us Programming, Problem Solving, Algorithm and Philosophy. Under his guidance, we went beyond ! . Had two research papers thanks to Raspberry, Arduinos and friends at Roboticsbd.com . I had no idea about circuit board development or fabrication, they taught me. I designed this on Fritzing.
Robotics bd and Sayem Chaklader, IUB GPS

As note of thanks I created the Facebook Page for ROBOTICS BD INNVOATION LABS at https://www.facebook.com/groups/roboticsbd/ which now has over 1500 students and researchers as members. I bought my first Raspberry Pi from them which I used finish my Parallel Programming Course and made a Pi-Cluster.

Used a Nokia N900 running Maemo Linux and saw what OpenSource could achieve (I had OTG before it became mainstream).
n900 USB on the GO (OTG)
That cable is home made. Because there was no such thing as USB OTG in 2009 (Android was at version 1.1 !lol) .
Later I also ran full linux on a cheap Walton Primo GH2. See.. It runs Codeblocks and has full linux, now you can code on the go.
Full Gallery.

Initiated the first ever 2D game development workshop as the Microsoft Student Partner Lead of IUB in Bangladesh at the Microsoft Corporate Office Bangladesh by showing some of our CryEngine work (because Unity was at v3.0 and Unreal Engine was 8 Million dollars to buy ! which is now OpenSource).

Then the first game Development workshop at Independent University Bangladesh. These are all the workshops and my beloved students. They taught me more than I could show them. Wonderful bunch of programmers. Selected from the best in the country.
I also made the Project Game Developers of Bangladesh on Facebook just for this community.

Microsoft ImagineCamp Speaker

Then Participated in Microsoft Imagine Cup which ended us as the 3rd in World Citizenship Category and then in 2015 we won the First ever NASA Space Apps Challenge in Bangladesh.

Dr. Mahadi Hasan Sir Microsoft Imagine Cup, Team Outliers

Thanks to one of my Gurus , Ehsan Bhai who got me started on game development after I was done with CSC203 (Data Structures & Algorithm), I got the opportunity to talk about Game Development Scenario in Bangladesh in People's Radio 91.6 FM at the Techmoshow.
You can listen to the Podcasts :

– Season 1, Episode 9

Air Date : 6th November, 2015


– Season 1, Episode 13

Air Date : 4th December, 2015


It was loads of fun.

Was part of the first Pulse Jet Engine (research project) using dholaikhal parts (Scavenged parts). Thanks to Tasknik Khan, learned about CNC machining(G-Code, Solidworks),Noble Gas & Tig Welding and Jet Engines.
Presentation here: https://prezi.com/b0sbv9vc1mho/untitled-prezi/

Read about it here: http://www.iub.edu.bd/articles/index/105/The-First-Pulse-Jet-Research-in-Bangladesh-by-Department-of-Computer-Science-and-Engineering-CSE-of-IUB-and-Tasnik-Khan

Gallery here: https://www.facebook.com/gearspec/media_set?set=a.10152578086311420.1073741841.548366419&type=3

First Pulse Jet Engine Research in Bangaldesh

CNC machine and G-Code with Sayem Chaklader

Made this Grant Possible for IUB. - Center For Cognitive Skill Enhancement, for the benefit of large scale research. (Thanks to Dr. Ali Shihab Sabbir) And also FOLK Music Archive of Bangladesh - FOLK ARCH. You can listen to newly collected Bangla folk music from all over Bangladesh!!!

I have a little bit of Webdevelopment Portfolio. Even designed Magazines for an Automotive Club called R3V and was its Admin for the forums which was also developed by me (now defunct).

Then I tried to become an Entrepreneur and had Partners who had companies or opened up companies, but it didn't go so well, partly due to the greedy/selfish nature of BD's business ethics and also for having the wrong kinds of friends. I left every bullshit I was doing and returned to Game Development, Hardware Hacking, Web Development, Super Computer Coding and OpenSource Contributions. I realized moving forward alone is the best when no one comes along with you (like the Nobel Laureate Rabindranath said) and hence opened up this old site Libre Garage (and became a Lone Wolf Programmer).

Currently I am one of the Programmer for the Super Computer at Independent University Bangladesh. Which is the 3rd incarnation (2016) of a Super Computer in Bangladesh (at an Eduacational Institute). It was great trouble for IUB and CCSE to bring it into the country. This is the 3rd MainFrame (ye old english) to be had at a University purely for research in Bangladesh after BUET which got its IBM 4331 Mainframe Computer in September 1979 and Dhaka University Computer Centre using a slightly updated version of IBM 4331 Mainframe Computer in 1985. This is 2016 baby !!! and its time to party and do some kernel code...

Super Computer at IUB with Nvidia TESLA

Details and Specs:

From July 2016 I started on making Games: Latest Offering is on STEAM

I have helped or atleast tried to help people along the way in to their journey into anything computer related, I tried to help as many people I can to find their path. And they helped me become a better person and understand what I really want. That is - make games. Right now I am a very happy introverted nerd. Its been no short of an adventure.
Work for me is fun. Thank you for the time, its a long read , I know to learn about someone and its more like a journal of mine that "about me".

Where did the nick name "gearspec" come from ?

Used it from the days of the Internet when using your real name was not normal.

Desktop Changelog:
  • (2014 onwards):
    16GB DDR3 1600Mhz.
    500GB of 7200 RPM Some Toshiba Stickered Chinese HD.
    GA X79 UP4 Motherboard.
    nVidia GTX 770 eVGA.
    Intel Core i7 4820K (LGA 2011).
  • (2009)
    Intel Dual Core 1.7 Ghz
    4GB RAM
    80 GB Seagate Hard Drive (Upgrade-1) (SATA)
    160 GB Seagate Hard Drive (Upgrade-2) (SATA)
    Intel G31. (Original)
    Murcury G45. (Upgrade-1)
    Asus P5Q P45 (Upgrade-2)
    Sapphrire Ati Radeon 7200 128 MB (Upgrade-1)
    nVidia Geforce 8600 (128bit) (Upgrade-2)
    ATi HD4850 Toxic (Upgrade-3)
  • (2007)
    Pentium 4 2.0 Ghz non HT.
    6.4 GB Quatum Fireball Hard Drive (Original) (IDE)
    80 GB Seagate Hard Drive (Upgrade-1) (SATA)
    2 GB of RAM (DDR) (Original)
    4 GB of RAM (DDR2) (Upgrade-1)
    Gigabyte 965GM (Upgrade-1)
    Intel 865 (Upgrade-1)
    Intel 845 Express (Originial)
    AMD Radeon Xpress 200 for Intel Motherboard (Upgrade-2)
    nVidia Gefore 4 MX440 (Original)
    nVidia Gefore 6200 (64bit) (Upgrade-1)
  • (1998)
    Pentium II 333Mhz (256 kb Cache)
    6.4 GB Quatum Fireball Hard Drive (IDE)
    Intel BX440 Motherboard
    64 MB RAM SD (Original)
    192 MB RAM SD (Upgrade-1)
    256 MB RAM SD (Upgrade-2)
    384 MB RAM SD (Upgrade-3) (MAX Supported)
    Intel i740 8MB AGP (Original)
    MSI nVidia Geforce 2 MX 400 64 MB (Upgrade-1)
    MSI nVidia Geforce 4 MX 440 64 MB (Upgrade-2)
  • Laptop/Tablet Changelog:
    Dell Inspiron 1150 (Celeron, then upgraded to 2.0 P4 from a Desktop, 512MB RAM, yes back in the day the processor was same)
    Acer Aspire 1690g (Pentium M, ATi Mobility Radeon X600) (2 GM RAM) (Fried itself on a rainy night due to thunder)
    Acer Aspire 5720g (Broken Monitor, Used it as Desktop)
    Asus X83 VB X2 (2010 to Current Date)
    Shengen Vogue UMPC 609 (VIA Processor & Chipset 1.2Ghz)
    Asus Tablet (x86)
  • Console Changelog:
    Sega Genesis
    Sony PS2
    Nintendo DSi
  • Cell Phone Changelog:
    Some Monochrome Screen Alcatel with Donkey Kong on it.
    Samsung SGH-X100
    Motorolla Razr V3
    Motorolla E398
    Nokia 3110 Classic (S40)
    Nokia n97 (S60)
    Nokia n900 (Maemo Linux)
    Walton Primo GH2 (Android 4.2) (Current)